Night in with my best friend β€οΈ

So I’ve been friends with my best friend for just over 3 years now. We were pregnant at the same time, our little ones were born 6 weeks apart and so we’ve been through quite alot together. Ever since our babies were born we’ve always had play dates and been pre occupied with ‘mummy talk’. We’ve got one of those friendships where we tag each other in loads of ‘so us’ things on Facebook and we used to go weeks without talking but I always knew I could still rely on her if I needed to. 

She has always been there for me but throughout this past year since Archie passed she has been my absolute rock which must have been difficult with her little one being the same age. If I’m honest I don’t know how I’d have coped without her. We’ve been spending alot more time together lately and at the minute rarely does a day go by where we don’t talk, mainly because I need support or just to have a generally have a laugh and brighten up both our days.

Now our little ones are are no long tiny babies it has occurred to us that we’ve hardly spent any time together without our children in tow and shock horror, we’ve NEVER had a girls night in! So whilst we’ve both got a childless weekend we’ve decided to make the most of it and relax with films, pizza, chocolate, snacks and of course no girls night would be complete without copious amounts of wine!!

I spend most of my time with my daughter Lily and I’m actually looking forward to just letting my hair down, taking the time to enjoy myself and try my best to not stress or worry about her just for one weekend. Every mum deserves time to themselves every once in a while ❀️


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